The Swan Story
Founded in 2019, Swan is a team of e-commerce experts based in Dubai, UAE. Our core mission is to simplify everyday shopping by bringing together the best e-commerce benefits.
Combination of digital and physical shopping is key
The number of people that shop online is drastically increasing, continuously. This reflects the fast-paced modern age where we scroll, filter, read reviews, pick bestsellers, add to the basket and pay in one click: this is simple, easy, and quick shopping.

But one thing remains absent in that process: joy. We miss the joy of walking down the aisle, smelling freshly baked bread, and holding products in our hand.

So we asked ourselves: is it possible to still enjoy all the benefits of regular shopping, while augmenting it with the digital commerce perks that we all got used to?

This how the idea behind Swan was born.
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Founded in 2016, Algorythma gathers the best e-commerce experts and technology partners in order to deliver solutions that disrupt the shopping industry.
Why Swan, by the way?
The Swan app is meant be your loyal companion while you shop. When we started thinking about the name, the beautiful Swan was a perfect match.

Swans are very loyal to the only partner they pick for life, and this is the association we wanted to communicate through the Swan brand.
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