Easy Lunchbox Ideas For Your Kids
Often underrated, making creative lunchboxes is a challenge many parents face, as it can get boring to make the same type of lunchbox for weeks or months on end.

While many kids prefer unhealthy treats in their lunchbox, often eyeing others whose lunchboxes are more colorful, nutrition remains the top priority when planning lunchboxes. We've gathered a couple of tips to help you pack easy and quick lunches for your kid!

1. Build a healthy formula
First things first: make sure your lunchbox ingredients are healthy and wholesome.

  • Protein as the main dish. Protein is essential to keep your kids' energy levels healthy as their bodies are still growing!
  • Veggies. Help your kids face the stereotype and encourage them to enjoy eating their veggies. By adding veggies as one of the main ingredients, it quickly becomes normalized as part of their meals. Get to know their favorite vegetables and mix it up!
  • Fruits. It goes without saying that something sweet should be added to complete the meal on a good note, and since we're trying to keep our kids healthy, fruits cut into pieces are always a favorite for all ages!
2. Keep it colorful
It goes without saying that kids (and adults) love colorful things! When it comes to food, that's no different. By adding green vegetables, vibrant fruits and protein, you can be sure your prepped lunchbox is always visually appetizing and colorful.

3. Cut into shapes
You can pass by the supermarket or order a food or sandwich cutter online through a grocery shopping app, and cut your sandwiches into tiny little shapes. You can do the same to anything, from fruits to jelly!

Little hands can often be intimidated by big servings, so cutting fruits into shapes and adding a toothpick (or any type of pick) can be very helpful in encouraging your kids to eat more!

4. Let them join you in packing
Not only is this an excellent opportunity to teach your kid about decision-making and instill some independent spirit, letting them help you pack their lunchbox encourages them to eat it!

5. Add a thoughtful note
This one's a particular favorite in movies, with parents writing notes on lunchboxes for their kids and partners. This builds your bond with your kid and keeps you involved in their day. Even though you may be dropping them and picking up from school, your little one may still feel like you're absent during school time. A little thoughtful note is always a great and loving touch.

Happy lunchbox packing!

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