Frequently Asked Questions
What is Swan?
Founded in 2019, Swan is a grocery shopping application where users can find updated nearby promotions from their favorite stores.

«Based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Swan gathers a passionate team of technology and business experts who envision providing a hybrid grocery shopping experience powered by cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
Download the Swan app on Play Store or App Store on your mobile and click on "Get Started" when it's installed! Afterwards, enable your location, click on "Profile" at the very right bottom side of the app, then click on "Create Account", and just follow the steps – then, you'll be all set!
How can I view nearby promotions?
All you have to do is enable your location, and partner stores that have promotions will show up!
How can I order groceries through Swan?
Can I order straight from the store promotions?
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Yes, you can. If a store is running specific discount on any product or ongoing sale can you can see this inside swan and order them.
• Download the Swan app on Play Store or App Store.
• Once it's installed, open the app and select your delivery address.
• Select the products you want to buy according to your preferred store.
• Add the products to your shopping cart.
• Review your cart and proceed to checkout.
• You can select online payment or cash/card after delivery.
You can select online payment or cash/card after delivery.
How can I pay for my order?
After placing the order successfully, you can track the order status in "Order History". Just click on your current order and you'll see your order's status in real-time.
How can I track my order?
How can I contact support?
You can email us at
If the product is out of stock your personal picker will contact you. You can decide whether you want to remove, substitute item(s) or change the number of items.

Please note that the final cart value may vary based on the price of the newly chosen/substituted product(s).
What happens if the product I ordered is out of stock?
Not yet! But we deliver 15 hours a day, from 9 AM to 12 AM every day.
Does Swan deliver 24/7?
Swan delivers to Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Madinat Zayed City, other Emirates coming soon!
Where is Swan available?
If you've already provided your delivery address and couldn't find nearby stores, you can change it to another one.

If you still can't find any nearby store, it may mean we haven't reached your neighborhood yet! Send us a request on so our team can get there as soon as possible!

Side note: If we don't deliver to your area you can still check available discounts in your local stores!
I can't find my area. What do I do?
You can order as many deliveries as you want.
How many deliveries can I order in a day?
How can I create an account
with Swan?
You can contact our customer service team through the "Help" section and share your new delivery address. To avoid any delays, please provide a new address before the order is dispatched.
Can I change my delivery address for the order I've just placed?
What is Swan Referral Program?
The referrer has to invite someone to install Swan app, share the app to your friends and family through the referral link option.
How to Earn Referral Credits?
You will get AED 30 AED as a reward per each referred friend. You can refer to an unlimited number of (referred) users.
How many rewards can I get?
Referrer receives the reward only at the time when referee's first order status is successfully changed to DELIVERED. If the referee CANCELS the order, the referrer will NOT be eligible for the reward.
When I will receive my rewards?
The rewards bonuses are displayed in the order summary. Also, users can check their wallet balance at any time in the app. If an order with an applied Wallet bonus is CANCELLED, the wallet bonus amount is returned to the User's Wallet balance.
Wallet balance can be found by clicking Profile option > Payments > Wallet balance.
How can I check my rewards?
The maximum amount of 10 AED can be redeemed from the wallet per order. Wallet bonus is deducted before other payment methods (i.e., cash or card ).
Please note: Referral bonus can not be redeemed along with other promotions (you can only use one promotion at a time)
How many rewards can I redeem per order?
The Swan referral program allows members to earn credits in future purchases by referring friends to become new users on Swan.
Your referral credit will only be added if your friend's order is successfully delivered. However, even if their order is delivered and you are unable to see the credits in your wallet, please check if following conditions are fulfilled:
  1. Your friend might not have installed the app through your referral link.
  2. Your friend might be an existing user of Swan (i.e. they already have logged in to the app before you sent the referral link).
  3. Please note, your referred friend should be a new user & you can only get the credits if they install the app by clicking through the referral link which you send them.
  4. If you're unable to redeem your referral bonus during checkout, you might be having another discount promotion already (e.g. first-time/second-time order discounts).
If all the above conditions are met, even then you are unable to see the credits in your wallet. Please write to our customer support via App Chat or Email us at, our team will assist you further.
Why haven't I received my referral credits after my friend placed an order?
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