Keep your customers happy with better in-store experience.
Swan is a platform built to personalize the in-store shopping experience for every individual visitor, all while increasing sales, the basket size, visitor engagement and loyalty.
Simple to start
Zero cost to start using Swan: we manage all the expenses and set up. No integrations needed.
Swan works perfectly in supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes and other retail shops.
Swan's ecosystem is PCI and DSS secured. All your customer data and credit cards will be safe.
Better footfall gains in your store
Self-checkout mechanics give your store better throughput capacity while having the same number of cashier desks. It means higher order processing capacity and revenue growth without the huge hardware investment.
Higher basket size means higher AOV
Swan makes smart personal recommendations for each user, so you build better relationships while making highly efficient up-sales campaigns. According to IDC's report, 96% of consumers said that they don't feel the relationship they have with brands is personalized enough. Swan brings you closer to your customers!
Personalized promotions for each of your customers
Get better ROI for your discounts. Increase customer loyalty and track the efficiency of each promotion. Swan's exclusive discounts framework is the better way to invest in your users and get back predictable, clear and visible value.
Know your customers' preferences better
See the top products, related categories and get a better understanding of your customers' behavior. Track how Swan is growing your sales, revenue, customer retention and average order value.
Keep your customers happy with better in-store experience.
Common Questions
What do I need to install Swan in my store?
Not much! Our team supervises the entire installation process. No pricey hardware is needed. When all the software points are set up, Swan's team will help you build up proper marketing assets and help your customers get accustomed to Swan quickly.
How much does it cost?
The installation is completely free and we don't charge a licensing fee for our software applications. Charges will only be based on usage in your store.
Are the credit cards of my customers secured when they use Swan?
Yes, your customers' cards are completely secured when they use Swan. We use secured payment processing protocols.
Do I need to provide my employees with some additional training?
Swan team will be there get your employees on-board; we will ensure that everyone in your team is happy and fully ready to start using Swan.
Consumers are no longer shopping online or offline.
They look for better experience.
The most successful retailers and manufacturers will be at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds, leveraging technology to satisfy shoppers however, wherever and whenever they want to shop.
Patrick Dodd, president, global retailer vertical, Nielsen.
Enhance your in-store experience with Swan
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