How your business can join the online grocery marketplace
When we search for flights or hotels online, we're directed to websites that have all the flights or hotels in a certain area – making our search that much easier.

So, when it comes to grocery shopping online, how is that any different?
In the UAE market, some of the largest supermarkets have been facing these challenges in building their own e-commerce website;

· Cost
· Data management
· Customer service
· Delivery staff
· Search engine optimization

And more.
These are just some of the top challenges facing retailers in building their own e-commerce website.

What about building an app?
Some retailers have sought to build a mobile app – to attract the younger consumer base.

Yet, retailers face the same challenges; maintaining quick deliveries, providing customer service, storage space, and managing large volumes of data is costly and time-consuming.

So, we've come up with a solution.

Retailers are joining the online market place

Instead of searching through different apps and websites, consumers prefer searching for products on one platform, known as an online marketplace.

A grocery online marketplace is an e-commerce website or platform that provides product details from different supermarkets.

By joining this marketplace, retailers are tapping into the following benefits;

1. Equal opportunity. A universal marketing approach, retailers will be able to display their services to a larger audience than before, increasing sales.

2. Express delivery. The online marketplace can offer a delivery staff from their own team, so retailers do not need to employ new delivery staff or worry about late delivery, increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Higher orders. An online marketplace uses personalization and prediction algorithms to increase the basket size of customers, reminding them of what they want to buy, or grabbing their attention towards great offers; this is because all products will be on display for the user on one platform.

4. Data management. Retailers will receive insights on their customers' behavior, and will be able to market their products accordingly, meeting consumer demand.

5. Dedicated customer service. A retailer's reputation is always safe as there is a trained customer service staff that can solve any issues faced by users.

Reach your customers with Swan
Swan is an online shopping app that simplifies the shopping experience for customers by bringing them closer to retailers.

By providing retailers with a dedicated e-commerce space and online presence, Swan helps retailers increase their ROI and provides them with a competitive advantage.

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