Frequently Asked Questions
What is Swan?

Founded in 2018, Swan is a grocery shopping application where users can find updated nearby promotions from their favorite stores.

Based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Swan gathers a passionate team of technology and business experts who envision providing a hybrid grocery shopping experience powered by cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

How can I create an account with Swan?
Download the Swan app on Play Store or App Store on your mobile and click on "Get Started" when it's installed! Afterwards, enable your location, click on "Profile" at the very right bottom side of the app, then click on "Create Account", and just follow the steps – then, you'll be all set!
How can I view nearby promotions?
All you have to do is enable your location, and partner stores that have promotions will show up!
Can I order through the app?
Not yet. Soon, we will be offering a delivery service and deliver handpicked products fresh from the store to your doorstep!
I can't find any stores nearby me? What do I do?
Search with your location in the search bar, and enable your location to view stores near you. If you still can't find any stores, it means we still haven't reached your neighborhood. Send us a request so our team can get there as soon as possible!
Where can I see the duration of the offer for any item?
You can view it right below the item. For example, next to the text "Valid" you will find "3 days left".
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