How to maintain loyal customers in a global economy
Most marketing efforts in business are directed towards acquiring new customers, even though businesses have a higher chance of converting sales when reaching out to existing customers.

On a personal level, you're likely to trust a company you've purchased from in the past more than a new one, as you've already experienced their customer service and quality level.

As retailers, how can we make sure we're maintaining a loyal consumer base that loves our business and keeps coming back?
We've gathered some tips from retail experts to keep businesses and retailers connected to their customers.

1. Provide quality content

Offering quality content through blogs and videos positions your business as a trusted brand that connects to its consumer base. For example, posting shopping tips or relatable funny posts can increase your social media presence. You can also:

  • Offer tips and helpful information around your service to present your business as a go-to source for customers to learn.
  • Communicate in a relatable tone that is informative and entertaining.
  • Follow the "80% about customers, 20% about you" rule which ensures that 80% of the content you deliver across your platforms is informative, entertaining and helpful to your customers, and speak no more than 20% about your business.

2. Stay relatable

Market research is a pillar of any marketing plan. Therefore, it's important to maintain your business tone and character in communication across all mediums.

Communicate your brand effectively so your brand's personality is consistent, and your customers can always associate your brand to certain qualities, i.e. kind service, quick delivery, quality products, etc.

3.Build a community

Having an online presence on social media and hosting special events for your existing customers can make them feel special and part of a community. By providing a special service just for them, you make sure they'll come back for more!

4. Start a loyalty program

Loyalty programs, such as introducing a points-system, can incline more customers to visit and purchase items from your store. This helps retain loyal customers as they will have their own profile and can keep track of the points they've collected.

5. Offer a personalized service

It's easy for customers to feel disconnected from brands, which is why offering a personalized shopping experience can help retailers stand out from the competition and maintain loyal customers.

  • Example #1, on birthdays

By offering discounts or sending special emails on your customers' birthdays, you make them feel remembered. Google, Twitter and Snapchat offer special features on users' profiles during their birthdays; Google's logo changes into candles, while a user's Twitter profile shows balloons and Snapchat offers a special birthday filter.

  • Example #2, with data

Retailers can partner with third parties to offer a more personalized customer experience. For example, retailers who partner with Swan will receive insights on their customers' preferences, so they can better cater their messaging for them. In addition, learning algorithms can help users view products more easily; by receiving customized notifications, or personalized recommendations, customers feel closer to the brand.

According to a survey conducted by Swan, 59.4% of customers in the UAE prefer customized offers while shopping.

Customers choose businesses that know their wants, needs, and cater to their preferences accordingly. Your business can stand out of the competition by maintaining its loyal consumer base and ensuring that they're happy, so they always come back for more.

Overall, building a good reputation with your existing customers always makes it easier to reach out to new customers!

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