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With Swan’s beauty services app, look no further to groom yourself

Are you looking to be treated queen-size from the comfort of your home? Today, there is an app for everything beauty and wellness — think manis, pedis, hair styling, massages. You name it, you get it.
One such platform to realise your wish list to your taste is Swan. The app brings you the best of the best from all corners to your doorstep at the touch of a button. Its @Home beauty services is hassle-free and convenient.
Gina, TV presenter, a part time model and a super user of Swan’s @Home beauty services shares her experience.

Unmatched comfort

Nobody can argue that there is no place more comfortable than our homes. “Imagine getting pampered in your personal space and in the ease of familiar environment. It instantly allows you to relax and enjoy the service better. On top of that, you also receive undivided attention from the beautician,” Gina says.

Ease of booking

“One of my favourite reasons to opt for Swan’s @Home beauty services is the hassle-free booking process in the app. You simply select the services you need, choose your preferred stylist and book for your convenient time. Rest assured; the beautician would turn up at your door with all the equipment required to set-up a salon in your living room,” Gina adds.
On top, each step of the process is meticulously tracked and coordinated by Swan’s customer service team to ensure that your @Home beauty experience is nothing short of amazing.
Budget-friendly options and exclusive discounts
Another reason to love Swan’s @Home services are the bundle offers and discounts, exclusively available on the app. It works out much cheaper getting the @Home service done at our convenience than going to the salon, not to mention the stress of finding a parking spot, waiting hours in the salon for your turn or risking cancelled appointments during the weekends.

Professional care

Every @Home beauty professional at Swan comes highly trained with numerous years of experience and is thoroughly vetted by industry experts.
Gina added, “Their beauticians are experts in suggesting styles to match your personality and deliver an impeccable salon @Home experience every single time.”
With Swan, booking a @Home beauty service is a breeze. A user-friendly app along with amazing discounts and hassle-free service is a no brainer when it comes to booking my weekly beauty appointments.
Gina is Swanned. Are you?
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