COVID – 19 : The fastest At-Home PCR test in UAE is here!

It’s been more than a year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In early 2020, we had no idea that masks, medicines, and tests would become such a common part of our lives.
In the post-pandemic world, PCR tests have become a necessity. Planning to travel outside the country or even between the emirates? Chances are that you will need to undergo a PCR test.
A forgettable experience that we have all gone through many times is that of booking an appointment (good luck getting a slot of your choice), going all the way to the clinic, waiting our turn for the test, and then worrying about whether the result would come in time. A tiring affair!

Well, not anymore!

After making our lives easier by delivering all our daily needs, from groceries to medicines to pet supplies, at our doorsteps, Swan is now offering PCR tests in the comfort of our homes.
When most UAE residents were scrambling to get PCR tests done in time for their Eid travel plans, Swan launched @Home testing services at one of the lowest prices in the country, with prices as low as 110 AED per person.
A licensed professional comes to your location at a pre-booked time with the testing kit and within a couple of minutes the test is done! No need to spend time booking appointments or driving to the clinics. The best part? Swan delivers the result in a super-fast time of 10-12 hours. The test results are automatically updated in the Al Hosn app so that you can travel without any hassle.
Gaurav, CEO at Swan, says, “Swan has tied up with the most reputed and reliable testing centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain. Alongside the experts, our service team ensures a seamless experience for our users”
“Due to the overwhelming response to our PCR offering, Swan is adding more diagnostic services at-home such as the COVID -19 Antibody test, Vitamin D tests, Full-Body checkup and so on”

Ever since the pandemic began, Swan has played a key role in assisting UAE residents. During the peak of the crisis last year, Swan ensured that we did not have to step out for daily essentials. From groceries, health supplies and fresh produce to water, cakes and pet food, the team at Swan delivered it within an hour at our doors.
What sets Swan apart is their obsessive focus on their customers’ needs.
Gaurav adds “From the very beginning, we involved our customers in app design as well as feature prioritization. Each user feedback was taken seriously and validated – to ensure Swan offers what users need the most. It doesn’t come as a surprise that our customers love the app and use it every day.”

Expanding the At-Home services platform

When we spoke to the team at Swan in Dec’20, they were launching “Beauty @Home” services. Six months since, they have partnered with the best salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to provide expert grooming and beauty services right at our homes.
The quality of the service is matched by the personalized attention given to each individual booking by the Swan team. From a quick mani-pedi to elaborate makeover packages, it takes just a few clicks on your phone and a beauty professional indulges you in a salon/spa experience in your living room.
Building on its mission of offering convenience across the board for its users, Swan will be adding more services to their platform soon. Stay tuned!
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