UAE grocery savings at your fingertips

In these times of economic uncertainty, with large numbers of UAE residents facing salary cuts and redundancies, many of us are cutting back on non-essentials and reining in our spending. Whether it’s fewer trips to restaurants or tightening our fashion budgets, these are increasingly frugal times. One area where we can’t avoid spending though is groceries. But for those of us looking to enjoy our favourite products from our preferred stores, one UAE app is welcoming new customers with a 15 per cent discount, in addition to exclusive promotions on a weekly basis. Simply download SWAN on iOS or Android, and enjoy free delivery, for a convenient way to start saving today. The cherry on the top? – get rewarded with Dh30 credit each time you refer a friend.

“We wanted to make our lives easier and more efficient, so that we all could spend more time doing what we want.”

– Gaurav Bansal, CEO of SWAN

A UAE-centric approach

SWAN was conceived in 2019 for the eclectic tastes of the UAE’s multicultural population and is available in both Arabic and English. Gaurav Bansal, CEO of SWAN, says, “The product was designed to meet the need of a new-age digital platform that can connect consumers with their preferred product and service providers. We wanted to make our lives easier and more efficient, so that we all could spend more time doing what we want.” SWAN has a wide variety of stores addressing the needs of different ethnicities and regularly offers exclusive promotions to its customers.

Quality assurances

One of the stumbling blocks of online grocery shopping can be customers’ reservations about the quality of the products they receive. UAE residents often prefer to pick-up physical items in person, especially fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Gaurav says that SWAN has addressed this concern by ensuring its staff are highly qualified to select the best items for each order. “Operational excellence is in our DNA – our team onboards every single picker and rider using best-in-class training programs, developed in-house. In addition, our technology complements our operations to ensure that each item is carefully hand-picked and delivered in a safe and timely manner.”

Contactless delivery

Although SWAN customers enjoy the option to pay in cash or card upon delivery, the app also offers secure online payment and contactless delivery, which has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. “Within the very early days of the outbreak of Covid-19, and much before the UAE went into lockdown, our team incorporated the highest possible safety measures in our operations,” says Gaurav. “Our pickers and riders must wear masks and gloves; on top of that, delivery bags are sanitised before use. Following the outbreak, a contactless delivery option was also made available to all consumers. The outbreak strengthened the bond of trust between SWAN and its customers as our teams ensured that every order was fulfilled despite lockdown restrictions.”

Variety and a personalised experience

The SWAN app incorporates full personalisation logic, recommending the bestselling items to its customers according to their taste and preferences. It also allows customers to quickly re-order from their previous orders without the need to keep searching every time for their frequently bought items. The app also keeps customers up-to-date with the latest discounts and promotions, which are tailored to the stores and products they frequent. SWAN’s customer support team is available seven days a week to answer any questions or issues you may have with your purchases. The service, which delivers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah, gets groceries to your door in just 60 minutes, with the app updating you on the status of your order so that you can keep track of your groceries. For those who like to plan ahead – you can choose a day and time slot for your order delivery up to seven days in advance. And, if variety is key to your shopping, through SWAN you can order from more than 150 of your favourite stores. If you prefer high quality produce, stores such as Organic Foods & Café, Go Organic and The Meat Avenue Butchery are available. More familiar household names such as Union Coop, Spar, Al Adil, Aswaaq, Al Ain Coop and Abu Dhabi Coop are also on the app. On top of that, if you’re looking for pet supplies, water gallons, coffee, flowers and other specialties, SWAN has these covered too. What’s more – new categories, such as pharmacies, will soon be launched for SWAN customers.
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