Traditional Eid sweets you've got to try this Eid
After a month of fasting, many cultures across the world celebrate Eid by joining together to feast on different types of foods – usually sweets.

Here are some of the most special dishes from across the world that mark the celebration of Eid.
1. Ma'amul

Main ingredients: Semolina, butter, rose water + dates, pistachios, walnuts or/and powdered sugar
Where it's famous: Middle East and North Africa

This Middle Eastern cookie is a well-known Eid sweet that's usually stuffed with dates, walnuts, or pistachios, and is sometimes also covered in powdered sugar. In Iraq, a similar sweet is made called Kleicha, while in Egypt and Sudan another sweet is known as Kahk. Kahk, often prepared the night before Eid, and shared amongst neighbors, is topped with lots of sugar.

2. Sheer Khurma

Main ingredients: Vermicelli, milk, sugar, dates + nuts, coconut, saffron and/or raisins
Where it's famous: Indian Subcontinent

This creamy milky pudding is a celebrated Eid dish across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and means "milk with dates" in Persian, and can be topped with all kinds of nuts, such as cashews, pistachios, almonds, as well as dates and raisins. Some prefer eating it warm, while others prefer it cold over breakfast!

3. Lokum

Main ingredients: Starch, sugar, rosewater + almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and/or powdered sugar
Where it's famous: Turkey Known as "Turkish delight"

This traditional Eid dessert is loved across Turkey, North Africa, and the Middle East. Usually red in color, this sweet has a soft texture that almost resembles jelly marshmallows. Often topped with powdered sugar, its distinguished rosewater flavor satisfies your sweet cravings!

4. Knafeh

Main ingredients: Sugar syrup, pastry or semolina dough + cheese or cream + pistachio nuts and/or ice cream
Where it's famous: Middle East

Many have debated on the origin of this dessert, which is eaten warm and melts in your mouth. Knafeh, also known as Kanafeh and Kunafah, is made of pastry or semolina dough and soaked in sugar syrup, often with cheese or cream, then topped with pistachio nuts, and sometimes, vanilla ice cream.
Across the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, you may find different variants of Knafeh. For example, in Egypt, you'll find Knafeh with cream and mango, while in Palestine, the "Knafeh Nabulsiyye" is a country-wide favorite that is made of white-brine cheese and is softer in texture than other types of Knafeh which often use thin noodle-like pastry.

5. Lugaimat

Main ingredients: Dry yeast, flour, sugar + date syrup or sugar syrup and/or pistachios
Where it's famous: United Arab Emirates

If you haven't already been eating these bite-sized sweets throughout the month of Ramadan, you've truly missed out. These delicacies are crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside, and melt in your mouth. They taste like honey air bites. Yum!

6. Baklava

Main ingredients: Dough, syrup, chopped nuts
Where it's famous: Turkey and Middle East

Known in Arabic as Baklawa, this sweet pastry likely came from the kitchens of Istanbul, in Turkey, while its origin is also argued to have been Greek. Either way, this delicious dessert is loved across the Middle East, and is filled with nuts and topped with syrup or honey, with many layered to give you an ideal crunchy yet soft texture.

Haven't tried one or more of these dishes? Try them out this Eid with your friends and family!

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