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Swan in the Press: Lovin Dubai
5 Reasons Why Every Online Shopper Will Be Obsessed With This Smart Shopping App
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Easy Lunchbox Ideas For Your Kids
Often underrated, making creative lunchboxes is a challenge many parents face, as it can get boring to make the same type of lunchbox for weeks or months on end.
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How to keep your food fresh in the UAE
Many times, we buy fresh food in bulk because it's on promotion, then forget an item in the corner of the fridge, until it's spoilt. According to Gulf News, the average UAE resident generates 5.4kg of waste a day, with food taking up to 40% of the average household bin.

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Healthy and affordable grocery shopping tips
Grocery shopping can be one of the biggest reasons for unhealthy eating and increased spending habits, so we've compiled a couple of expert tips to help you save up and buy healthy!
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Your UAE guide to fresh, fast, and friendly grocery shopping
Grocery shopping is something most of us can't live without – literally. Check out these tips from our grocery shopping experts!
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Global impact of tech in retail
The global race for fresh ideas has been ongoing for centuries. Today, shopping has become an integral factor for driving tourism, as major cities host annual shopping festivals, driving thousands of tourists into the country;
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How to maintain loyal customers in a global economy
Most marketing efforts in business are directed towards acquiring new customers, even though businesses have a higher chance of converting sales when reaching out to existing customers.
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Traditional Eid sweets you've got to try this Eid
After a long month of fasting, many cultures across the world celebrate Eid by joining together to feast on different types of foods – usually sweets. Here are some of the most special dishes from across the world that mark the celebration of Eid.

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How your business can join the online grocery marketplace
When we search for flights or hotels online, we're directed to websites that have all the flights or hotels in a certain area – making our search that much easier.
So, when it comes to grocery shopping online, how is that any different?
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Why personalization in retail is key to increasing sales
As more supermarkets, e-commerce applications and platforms are introduced into the retail market, consumers are expecting retailers to cater to their individual preferences and shopping habits. Personalization as a concept is not new; in fact, customers have expected a personalized shopping experience since the beginning of retail.
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Retailers, attract Generation Z with these 4 tips
Whether or not Generation Z are 24 or 22 years old is debatable, but the general consensus is that people born from 1995 to 2012 are referred to as Gen Z, and they are already accounting for a quarter of the global population, according to Bloomberg – forming a large consumer...
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