Your UAE guide to fresh, fast, and friendly grocery shopping
Grocery shopping is something most of us can't live without – literally. Check out these tips from our grocery shopping experts!
Choosing ripe fruits

When choosing fruits, it's best to engage all your senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight.

While we don't often have the luxury to taste a fruit before buying it, you can count on these main factors to choose delicious and ripe fruits:

  • Sight. If your fruits are green, it means they're not ready to be eaten yet; choose deep-colored fruits.
Banana Tip: When buying bananas for the whole week, make sure you buy 2 yellow bananas, and 4 more that are still green, so they can ripen day-by-day if you eat one per day! This way, you'd have a ripe banana for every day of the week until your next shopping trip.

  • Touch. Squeeze your fruit to see if it's ripe.
Peaches and Plums Tip: Don't pick out firm peaches or plums. They should be relatively soft! If you buy hard plums, they'll soften and ripen at home – so it's okay to stock up.

Apple Tip: When it comes to apples, always choose firm ones.

  • Smell. This can make or break a decision; buy only sweet-smelling fruits, but beware, some fruits can be too ripe if they smell too sweet.

Pineapple Tip: For some fruits like pineapples, you can ensure they're ripe by smelling them from the stem; they shouldn't have any visible dark spots. If it smells sweet near the stem, it means it's ready and delicious!

  • Hearing. You may get stares if you do this in a supermarket, but slapping some fruits can tell you whether they're ripe or not!

Watermelon Tip: When buying a watermelon, make sure it's hard and sounds hollow when you slap it. This means it's still juicy and yummy on the inside.

How to get groceries quickly from home

As we scan through different shelves after we've memorized the landscape of our favorite supermarket and pick out our favorite products into our cart, we go to the cashier and pay – but what if there was a new way to shop your groceries: a more fresh, fast, and friendly way?

Many of us have already heard of shopping for groceries online but have experienced some disappointment during the hype: slow delivery, missing items, and products that aren't carefully picked nor fresh.

So, while mobile grocery delivery exists, some of us still prefer shopping in store to ensure that the products we choose are fresh and delicious.

That was in the past.

Now, you can buy your groceries for less and quicker than ever before – while they're fresh – from the comfort of your home.

Swan, a grocery shopping app based in the UAE, is transforming the concept of grocery shopping. Swan's team is trained on how to pick ripe fruits and fresh vegetables – they check expiry dates too so customers don't have to think twice!

How does Swan work?

Swan is a mobile application that can be downloaded on Google Pay Store or App Store. It's quite simple and easy to use.

When you go on the app, you activate your location then begin choosing items to add to your cart. Many of these items are on promotion or discounted, and you can choose the store you prefer. After you're done choosing, you go on your cart, confirm your order, and choose your delivery slot. Your order can reach your location in less than one hour – delivered by a Swan buddy.

So, what's making you wait?

Download Swan to begin saving up, and get fresh groceries delivered to your door in less than one hour!

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