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The PCR service is the best! I travel very frequently so I use it every time. It's the lowest cost At-home test in UAE. The results come in 12-15 hours unlike other apps which take nearly 24 hours at times! -
Youssef Ali
Home PCR Test
" This was my second time booking cleaning on the Swan app. The service is extremely professional and I love the attention to the detail. The prices are almost the same I prefer Swan with it's dependable service".
Maria Ursula
Home Cleaning
"We were really worried about the safety of the house for our new-born. Booked the Disinfection service on Swan and they took extra care to disinfect every single spot in the house. Planning to book it every two months."
Disinfection Service
"The cleaning staff was extremely punctual and did a great job of cleaning the house. I had tried booking on another app before and had a terrible experience so was slightly worried before booking with Swan. I think it would be great if more cleaning materials can be carried by the staff. Overall it was good!"
Fatih Osman
Home Cleaning
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