Our Story
Ready, Set, Launch!
Born in 2019, Swan went from the little e-commerce app that could, to the little e-commerce app that did!

Our team of experts created our user-friendly app to make your grocery shopping experience as easy and quick as possible.
Hello Digital, Meet Physical
We all want to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to shopping. In our modern routines, we rarely have an extra hour a week to spend choosing the best tomatoes in a bunch...but we still want the best tomatoes!

Here's where we come in! We don't just deliver your groceries, we create a personalized shopping experience to ensure that the products we choose, are the ones you WANT in your cart.

The 'S' is for inSpiration
Our inspiration for creating Swan was simple. We wanted to create a shopping experience that saved you the time, but also gave you the quality you're used to. Swan is your loyal shopping companion for life!
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